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On account of my plans I want to start,  this informative website.
My name is Paul Wijers, 33 years old and living in the near of Maastricht, The Netherlands (Europe). Since my youth I’m impressive with airliners and civil airplanes. At the moment I work as manager in a warehouse, a nice job, but… I miss the relation with airplanes. Now I want to change my job into a job with a connection with airplanes. I want a to build a bar/meeting room/hotelroom/mini-museum  in a old airplane. It must be a “green project” with solarcells in the wings and high tech economical energy equipment (CO2 free project and recycling old aircraft parts) without to change the original look of the plane.  I want to display the history of the airplane and carrier. Now I’am work out this project.

I introduce this plan by the local government and mayor of the place Beek (Where the airport Maastricht Aachen is located, they are very overawe and want to support this project. The most difficult thing is buying a airplane because the high prices (over one million dollars). Now I’m looking around to find some air carrier that want to donate an old (preserved) airliner, but… it must be able to fly (last flight to the resting-place (final destination Maastricht-Aachen Airport - EHBK). Some carriers want to scrap old airplanes, please don't!  

Maybe we can make a unique project with last flights of a historical airliner (like the last flying DC-10 of Biman Bangladesh Airliners scenic flights), I'am sure there's enough potential for this.

If you know somebody who want to offer a widebody airliner (747-L1011-IL86-DC10) please contact me. I don’t want a plane for free but if i spent million dollars this is not moneymaking for a project like this. Maybe someone can help me?


Thanks a lot, Regards, Paul Wijers

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